Hemp Concentrates

CBD, THCA & Delta-8 distillate, Diamonds & RSO

If you are interested in making your own hemp tinctures, topical applications or want to start cooking with hemp then a highly concentrated CBD or Delta-8 THC product is the best place to start. CBD RSO (Rick Simpson Oil) from Lazarus Naturals is a full-spectrum product that is extremely versatile and can be infused into nearly anything. Another good choice is CBD isolate powder, which gives you a full 1,000mg of THC-free isolated CBD in every gram.

Experienced users frequently order THCA diamonds or Delta-8 THC distillate to vaporize or dab, or to cook with or create their own tinctures. Because it is clear and tasteless, distillate is the perfect addition to your next batch of brownies or cookies. Click here for more information on how to make your own edibles.

CBD Concentrates

THCA Concentrates

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