CBD Hemp Flower

It’s no secret anymore that CBD is widely used by people from all walks of life who suffer from a wide variety of medical issues. Most consumer start with a CBD oil tincture or CBD infused gummies, and those who have had successful outcomes often turn to CBD rich hemp flower to achieve positive results much faster. Hemp flower works faster than other CBD consumption methods because of the speed at which your body can metabolize the cannabinoids when they are inhaled into the lungs, compared to the length of time you have to wait for your digestive system to do the job when you eat CBD edibles.

At Copper Mountian Hemp Traders we carry only the highest quality hand-picked hemp flower that is free of pesticides or any other contaminants. Each and every jar of our CBD hemp flower is gently packed with perfectly dried and cured flower, and sealed with a Boveda pack to ensure proper humidity and freshness. If you like super sticky, expertly cured flower that smells and tastes amazing you will not be disappointed.

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