CBD Edibles

Premium Full Spectrum & THC-Free CBD Edibles

One of the most satisfying and convenient ways to consume CBD is with edibiles, which are food or drink items that have been infused with CBD. Copper Mountain Hemp Traders features CBD infused gummies, chocolate, honey and other edibiles in order to give you the largest selection of CBD edibles at the lowest possible prices.

Types of CBD Edibles

CBD edibles come in many different forms, including CBD gummies, CBD infused chocolate, CBD honey, CBD drinks and more, and many of the edibles that we carry are available in both full spectrum and THC-free versions.

The health benefits of consuming CBD edibles

Unfortunately due to federal regulations we are unable to express our well-informed opinion on this matter. However, what we can say is that there is a plethora of scientific and anecdotal data available to consumers who are trying to decide whether CBD is right for them.

Are CBD infused edibles safe?

Another question that is tricky to answer for legal reasons, but consider these facts:

  1. The United States government owns patent# 6,630,507, which covers “the potential use of non-psychoactive cannabinoids to protect the brain from damage or degeneration caused by certain diseases, such as cirrhosis”, which also covers cannabinoids that are useful in treating things like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and HIV dementia.
  2. In 2018 the World Health Organization issued a report that found no adverse health outcomes, but instead identified several medical applications for CBD. The report concluded that naturally occurring CBD is safe and well tolerated in both humans and animals and is not associated with any negative public health effects
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