Sana Botanicals Pura CBD Hemp Oil (THC Free)




This particular Sana Botanicals solution is guaranteed to be free (negligible) of THC (the main psychoactive compound in marijuana that gives the high sensation) making it the best option for those who are concerned about failing drug screenings. This gentle formula contains highly concentrated CBD isolate suspended in organic hemp seed oil that will put you on the path to easy alleviation of discomfort, stress, and distraction.

The Pura line of CBD oils is perfect for those seeking the benefits of hemp without the risk of issues with substance use screening.

Sana Botanicals Pura tinctures were developed specifically for individuals who are either concerned about the possibility of failing a drug screen or want to administer a THC-free option to their children.

All Pura concentrations are THC-free because they contain highly concentrated CBD isolate suspended in organic hemp seed oil. Unlike our Essentials line, Pura does not contain essential oils.

The Sana Botanicals Pura line consists of three different concentrations:

  • 300mg (10 mg/ml)
  • 600mg (20 mg/ml)
  • 1200mg (40 mg/ml)

Ingredients: Highly concentrated and refined hemp extract, blended with organic hemp seed oil. The Pura line of  CBD tinctures does not contain any THC.


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About Sana Botanicals

Founded by a Gulf War veteran injured in service to his country, Sana Botanicals is renowned for producing a complete line of hemp products infused with essential oils to maximize the desired benefits. Our U.S. grown hemp is refined and expertly blended with organic essential oils in the Blue Ridge mountains of Tennessee. Our natural production processes help ensure premium quality through traceability from seed to sale. Some of the most potent, pure and powerful natural Hemp extracts on the market today, they can relax, calm, and ease pain. Above all, they are formulated to soothe the mind and body…naturally.

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