Hemp Flower Pre-Roll Sampler Pack



Can’t decide which strain is the one for you? Then try them all!

Each hemp pre-roll sampler pack contains four pre-rolled high CBD hemp flower cones consisting of the following strains:

  • Elektra
  • Rise Up
  • Lifter
  • Special Sauce


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Elektra is a powerful hemp CBD Hybrid that is achieved by crossing ACDC and ERB. Elektra is highly sought after for its high terpene profile and unique earthy smell with hints of pine, wood, citrus and fuel. Elektra is often used for assisting in a variety of conditions including Stress, Anti-inflammatory, Pain, Depression and Anxiety.

Rise Up

One of the most potent CBD hemp strains available, Rise Up is an understated hybrid that packs a punch. These dense hand-trimmed nugs are a beautiful shade of green and covered in orange hairs and ripe trichomes.

Special Sauce

Sweet earth, Lime and Diesel are the major notes that move through this wonderful hemp flower. With tightly trimmed and dense nugs, this CBD flower exudes bold flavor and attitude in all the right places. Special Sauce is perfect to consume during the day and is a go-to for many users who need mental clarity for productivity or for social engagements.


A highly sought after hemp flower strain, Lifter is well known for providing users with a cerebral focus and energy, relaxation and the squelching of any and all aches. The Lifter hemp strain is often used for gaining relief from a variety of conditions including inflammation, arthritis, pain, migraines, and muscle spasms or cramps.

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