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A highly sought after hemp flower strain, Lifter is well known for providing users with a cerebral focus, energy and relaxation. Lifter hemp flower is optimal for daytime and evening usage.

This fresh 2019 batch of outdoor hemp flower has a medium density and the occasional seed but is an outstanding smoke. You can expect mostly medium-sized nugs with a few large colas here and there.

Total CBD: 18.6%
THCA: .644%
Available Quantities:
Single Pre-Roll

6 reviews for Lifter High CBD Hemp Flower Pre-Rolls

  1. Anonymous

    Great product! Great stress reliever with relaxing properties. Very consistent burn and seems to stay lit. Good taste although always striving towards perfection. I rate it a 4, only because the price is a bit high in my opinion, the value to me personally is around $35.99

    • Stephen

      Hey Joseph thanks for taking the time to leave a review. The price is set at the MSRP, as that allows us to make a small profit and keep our store open, but we will definitely reevaluate the price and see if we can bring it down.

    • Stephen

      So after reevaluating our cost on this product we were able to bring it down to $44.95 and still stay within an acceptable profit margin. I know that’s not as low as you are looking for, but we’re $5 lower than the manufacturer and most other sellers, plus as we sell more we should be able to place larger orders and get better price breaks, thus lowering the price even more.

      We really do appreciate the input. Please check your email for a coupon to make up for the price difference.

  2. Hugh S.

    Makes my visit to Wal Mart and all those people less stressing.

  3. Al Smith

    I have never smoke weed before, so I find this too strong. I should have gotten the oil with .3 thc. It would not b fair to u for me give it a rating. I gave u a 5 for the excellent and fast delivery.

  4. Steffie

  5. eddurden02

    It works. Good mood lifter. Less stress. Not depressed.

  6. Justinolopez

    This one was amazon also.. Yes the staff was great and the shipping was super fast…… Thanks again

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