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Dogwalker OG CBD + Delta-8 + CBG 3:1 Disposable Vaporizer


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If you are looking for a fresh vaping experience that won’t leave you asleep then these hot new 3:1 disposable vaporizers from Haygood Farms might be just what you need. Each Goodies pre-filled disposable vaporizer pen is filled with a magical blend of CBD+Delta-8 THC+CBG to deliver the effects you need while leaving you with a clear head.

About the Dogwalker OG cannabis strain

Dogwalker OG is an Indica-Dominant hybrid bred from Albert Walker and Chemdawg 91. It’s believed to have been coined Dogwalker due to the combination of earthy aromas with hints of pine and fuel resulting in a slight ‘wet dog’ scent. Nothing like inhaling a breath of calm and exhaling hints of man’s best friend. The effects are said to promote an overall feeling of calmness and peace, making this a perfect addition to your bedtime routine. Some users have also reported experiencing waves of happiness and euphoria making this the perfect well-rounded strain for sending you on a late night dog walk or straight to sleep.

Strain Type: Indica-Dominant Hybrid
Aroma: Earthy, Herbal, Diesel
Typical Effects: Restful, Calming, Euphoric

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