CBD Pain Relief Combo Pack

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For customers who turn to CBD to relieve chronic pain, neuropathy and inflammation we offer this CBD Pain Relief combo.

Each Copper Mountain Hemp Traders CBD Combo Pack is thoughtfully assembled in order to provide customers with the most popular CBD products at the lowest possible price. The CBD Pain Relief Monthly Combo Pack includes the following products:

  • 250mg pre-filled vaporizer cartridge
  • Sana Pura 1,200mg CBD oil
  • 200mg Green Roads CBD Froggies gummies
  • 80mg CBD chocolate bar (LuLu’s Chocolate)

The CBD Pain Relief Monthly Combo Pack contains a minimum of 1,700mg of premium lab-tested CBD.

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1 review for CBD Pain Relief Combo Pack

  1. Sharon Thomas

    I was very disappointed in this product I’m sorry to say, it didn’t help with any pain or discomfort at all. I needed some help and I was so hoping to find it in this product, I won’t be making another order, I wasted more money then I could afford.

    • Stephen

      Hi Sharon I appreciate your feedback, and I’m really sorry to hear that this product did not live up to your expectations. As you may or may not know, everyone is different and finding the proper CBD level can take patience, steady titration and some trial and error. Since the vaporizer cartridge, gummies, CBD infused chocolate and 1,200mg Sana Botanicals tincture were just delivered to you Thursday I would be remiss if I didn’t suggest giving it more time, using just one CBD product to begin with (the CBD oil tincture) so that you can learn how much CBD your body needs and steadily increase your dose each day until you reach that level.

      My takeaway from this is that we could do a better job on the product description for these combo packs by letting new CBD users know that it might be a better idea to purchase one product and follow a deliberate dosing schedule that will let them figure out just how much CBD they need, at which point they can add other products to their repertoire. I think it would also be a good idea for us to put together a page or blog post on our website that will help new CBD users learn to titrate so they will have a better chance of seeing success with CBD.

      If you want to give us a call at 706-946-4367 or email us at contact@coppermountainhemp.com one of us would be happy to provide more in depth suggestions that might increase your chance of finding relief with CBD. Otherwise, we would be happy to provide a refund for any unopened products if you would like to return them. Just let us know how we can help.

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