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These delicious, chewy sour candy flavored gummy squares from Better delights are THC-free, vegan and packed with 10mg of nano CBD to deliver maximum effects as quickly as possible. Each bottle of premium nano CBD gummies contains 600mg of CBD.

Quantity: 30ct jar, 60ct jar
CBD per gummy: 10mg

What is Nano CBD?

Hemp-extracted CBD is bombarded with ultrasonic waves to shatter the CBD molecules into millions of tiny CBD “nanoparticles”, which are much smaller and tend to metabolize in the body faster and more completely. This process also makes the CBD water soluble, meaning it can be made using water-based products instead of oil. Nanoemulsification means that CBD is absorbed into the body more efficiently, and can usually be taken in lower doses with the same or better efficacy than standard CBD products.


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Better Delights CBD Gummies – Sour Candy Flavor