• awesome blossom hemp jar

    Awesome Blossom High CBD Hemp Flower


    As the name suggests, Awesome Blossom offers users a flowery, aromatic smell with frequent reports of raspberry hidden within the flavor profile. Its alluring scent is often cited as one of the strain’s best features. Awesome Blossom also has a vibrant color pattern, with prominent oranges and purples, and is best saved for nighttime use…

  • hog hemp flower jar

    Hog (H1) High CBD Hemp Flower


    A delicious combination of Afghani and Hindu Kush, Hog (H1) from Forbidden Flower is a smooth hemp flower strain with a sweet aftertaste. Hog is best known for its ability to reduce inflammation as well as eliminate fatigue and brain fog, leaving users feeling full of life even after a tough day on the job…

  • cbg hemp flower jar

    High CBG Hemp Flower (CBG Flower)



  • Forbidden Flower Jumbo Pre-Roll (Awesome Blossom)


    A cross between the classic T1 and Berry Blossom hemp strains, Awesome Blossom is a high CBD flower strain (20%+) that delivers potency along with a surprisingly aromatic experience. This powerhouse hybrid leans heavily on the indica side of its lineage and produces a mellow, stress-free experience without diminishing your concentration. Forbidden Flower king sized…

  • hog hemp pre roll

    Forbidden Flower Jumbo Pre-Roll (Hog)


    A mix of Hindu Kush and Afghani, Hog’s strong smell is probably the first thing you will notice. With an impressive full-bodied CBD profile Hog will ease your worries while letting you get stuff down. This super rare indica hemp strain is pure satisfaction and is one of the few indica strains you can feel…

  • Forbidden Flower Jumbo Pre-Roll (Lifter)


    A highly sought after hemp flower strain, Lifter is well known for providing users with a cerebral focus, energy and relaxation. Lifter hemp flower is optimal for daytime and evening usage. Forbidden Flower king sized pre-rolls weigh in at a hefty 1.5 grams and contain nearly twice as much flower as our regular pre-rolls.

  • special sauce pre roll

    Forbidden Flower Jumbo Pre-Roll (Special Sauce)


    Sweet earth, Lime and Diesel are the major notes that move through this wonderful hemp flower strain. Special Sauce exudes bold flavor and attitude in all the right places. Special Sauce is perfect to consume during the day and is a go-to for many users who need mental clarity for productivity or for social engagements….

  • suver haze pre roll

    Forbidden Flower Jumbo Pre-Roll (Suver Haze)


    A testament to the rich farming and social history of southern Oregon’s Suver Road, the Suver Haze hemp CBD strain is a cross between Special Sauce and Neville’s Haze. Suver Hazes produces a memorable, invigorating terpene profile with sweet and tart undertones reminiscent of an old-school Haze. Suver Haze has a fruity tropical flavor and…