Delta-8 Candy

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    delta 8 lollipops orange tango

    25mg Delta-8 Lollipops 2-Pack Orange Tango Flavor


    These mouthwatering ‘Orange Tango’ flavor Delta-8 THC infused lollipops from Hemp Living taste just like your favorite orange soda! Each package contains two Delta-8 infused lollipops. 25mg each, 50mg total Delta-8 per package

  • koi delta 9 energy shots

    50mg Delta 8-9-10 Energy Shots — Koi


    Koi Delta 8-9-10 THC Energy Shots blend together an amazing trio of hemp-derived THC for an uplifting, but relaxing and mildly euphoric effect. An added bonus of Taurine, Ginseng Root Extract, Caffeine, Guarana Extract and Ginkgo provides an energy boost. Choose from three sweet and delicious flavors – Blue Raspberry, Peach Watermelon, and Pineapple Mango…

  • koi pop crystals delta 8 9 10

    50mg Delta 8-9-10 Pop Crystals — Koi


    With three variations of hemp-derived THC in one fun package, Delta 8-9-10 Pop Crystals from Koi provide an uplifting, yet relaxing and mildly euphoric experience in yummy pop crystals that will remind you of your favorite childhood candy with every fizz, pop and crackle. Users report a highly enjoyable experience as well as benefits like…

  • delta 8 thc candy

    Delta-8 8Balls Candy 8mg each — 3Chi


    These delicious Delta-8 8Balls from 3Chi have all the flavor and taste of your favorite candy from your childhood. Each 8Ball contains approximately 8mg of premium Delta-8THC. 25 8Balls per pack Serving Size: 1 piece Available Quantities: 5, 25 Refrigeration is recommended after opening. Do not store above room temperature or in a humid environment….

  • delta 8 thc candy

    Delta-8 Candies- D8 THC Bombs by The Hemp Doctor


    These hard shelled chewy candies will have you reminiscing of your favorite Skittles flavors. These fruity delights have 5mg of Delta-8 per piece, and each pack contains an assortment of Orange, Grape, Lemon, and Strawberry. Available in 10ct/50mg and 30ct/150mg pouches A note about shipping edibles during warm weather months When it’s 75° or warmer…