What's new and upcoming at Copper Mountain?

We have been applying as much customer feedback as possible on our inventory lately and have some GREAT products both in stock and on the way. One of the areas we are going to be expanding more in to is minor cannabinoids beyond just CBD and Delta-8. Some of the most popular minors that we currently carry are Delta-10 THC, THCV and CBN. We are also planning to add HHC and THC-O soon.

One thing we are really excited about are the 100% compliant Delta-9 THC gummies that are on the way. You read that right, we will soon be stocking products that contain LEGAL Delta-9 THC. Our first product, which should be here early next week, will be 30ct gummies from Creating Better Days that contain 10mg of Delta-9 THC and 100mg of CBD. Based on feedback we have already received from customers who have received samples, these gummies could be a game changer for those dealing with inflammation and pain.

New Products in Stock Now


25mg Nano Delta-8 Gummies

Available in 15ct and 30ct jars as well as four delicious flavors, these gummies from Creating Better Days are different from your everyday Delta-8 gummy because they are infused with water soluble nano-emulsified Delta-8 THC, meaning your body will metabolize it faster and more thoroughly compared to standard edibles.
watermelon cbd gummies better delights

10mg Nano CBD Gummies 60ct

Perfect for knocking down daytime anxiety, these incredibly tasty broad spectrum nano-emulsified CBD gummies from Creating Better Days come in four hard to resist flavors. Each jar contains 60 10mg gummies, for a total of 600mg of water soluble CBD + terpenes.
cbd lollipops sour apple

25mg Nano CBD Lollipops 2-Pack

Rounding out our Creating Better Days lovefest are these super convenient CBD lollipops. Available in Strawberry and Sour Apple, each package contains two 25mg lollipops, for a total of 50mg of nano CBD.

50mg Enjoy Hemp Larger Bottle Size

Our most popular gummy ever just got more affordable! Previously available in 10ct and 20ct bottles, these potent and effective 50mg Delta-8 THC gummies now come in 15ct and 30ct sizes. We currently have plenty of 30ct bottles on hand and are awaiting delivery of the 15ct bottles, which are expected Friday.
delta 8 thc tincture 3000mg

Larger Delta-8 Tincture Sizes

For those who can't get enough of our in-house formulated Delta-8 tinctures, our Delta-8 Relax and 2:1 Delta-8/CBD tinctures are now available in 30ml and 60ml bottles, allowing you to save even more on these super potent, affordable tinctures.
delta 8 rice crispy treats 25mg each

Delta-8 Infused Rice Crispy Treats

Ok listen these things are potent ok? Beyond that they are also pretty affordable compared to our other Delta-8 edibles (about $.05/mg compared to $.07-$.09/mg). Available in 10ct and 20ct bags, if you like rice crispy treats and Delta-8 then you're gonna love these. No kidding you will have to convince yourself to stop eating them.
delta 8 lollipops purp kush

25mg Delta-8 Lollipops 2-Pack

These mouthwatering Delta-8 THC infused lollipops from Hemp Living contain 25mg of Delta-8 each. Each package contains two lollipops, for a total of 50mg of Delta-8 per package.
delta 8 milk chocolate bar chill

400mg Delta-8 Chocolate Bars

Available in either Milk Chocolate or Dark Chocolate, these Delta-8 THC infused chocolate bars from Chill are incredibly potent. Each chocolate bar contains eight 50mg squares, for a total of 400mg per bar.
cbd body butter

500mg CBD Body Butter

Made with a full spectrum hemp extract, Manuka honey, royal jelly, propolis, and beeswax, Apis Mercantile’s hemp body butter is packed with ingredients your skin will love. $7 off for a limited time.


  • Hyper Delta-10 THC gummies (25mg, 50ct)
  • Spectrum compliant Delta-9 THC gummies from Creating Better Days
  • Lazarus Naturals Calm + Digestion Full Spectrum CBD Dog Treats
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