New Delta-8 THC & CBD Products

delta 8 thc tincture 2000mg
Δ8 Relax 2,000mg Delta-8 Tincture
Our new Relax Delta 8 THC tincture packs a lot of Delta 8 THC into a small package, allowing you to titrate to a very high level in order to achieve maximum relief when needed. Δ8 Relax tincture from Copper Mountain Hemp Traders is a high quality, super potent and affordable way to relax, recuperate and rejuvenate.

Contains 2,000mg Delta-8 THC
Regular Price: $49.99
Sale Price: $39.99
delta 8 thc cbd tincture 2:1
2:1 Delta-8 THC:CBD Tincture
Our 2:1 ratio Delta-8 THC and CBD tincture is a premium hemp oil tincture that contains very high levels of both Delta 8 THC as well as CBD, giving you the 1-2 punch you need. This super potent 2:1 Tincture is best used to help reduce inflammation and provide maximum relief and relaxation.

Contains 2,000mg Delta-8 THC and 1,000mg CBD
Regular Price: $59.99
Sale Price: $49.99
cbd coffee 300mg front

300mg CBD Infused Ground Coffee

Make CBD part of your wake-up routine with this delicious CBD infused medium roast ground coffee from SunState Hemp.
$19.99 each
delta 8 thc gummies

Delta-8 Bites 25mg Single Pack Gummy

Regular Price: $3.99
Sale Price: $2.99
delta 8 thc pre roll

Premium Delta-8 Pre-Rolls

The most convenient way to enjoy your favorite herb! Each premium pre-roll contains contains hemp flower infused with 50mg of Delta-8 THC.
$9.99 each
delta 8 thc kief pre roll

Deluxe Delta-8 Pre-Rolls

These Delta-8 THC pre-rolls hit hard and fast. Each deluxe pre-roll contains 1 gram of premium CBG rich hemp flower that has been infused with approximately 90mg of Delta-8 THC and then dipped in natural CBG hemp kief.
$11.99 each
box side view

100mg CBD Bath Bombs

CBD bath bombs combine the natural effects of CBD hemp oil with the proven benefits of essential oils and salts. Available in the following formulas: Muscle & Joint, Calm & Unwind, Focus, Sensual, Skin Therapy
$8.99 each
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